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Hardcore Radio




The only online radio station of its kind which plays nothing but hard & dark underground music non stop, free to anyone in the world who likes styles such as

Hardcore, Breakcore/Breakbeat, Speedcore, Frenchcore, Darkcore/Doomcore

Industrial,Schranz & Hard Techno, Gabber/Gabba, Crossbreed

Acid and More!

We play the styles that most other stations try to avoid. Harder & more dirty formats which are made for an acquired taste & not tailored for a commercial market. We offer a station with a strict no mainstream rule playing only styles of hard and dark music!

We aim to please from all angles, by bringing you exclusive mixes from the best underground DJs in the world, along with channeling some of the best up and coming talent available, right to your computer!

Don’t forget to use the chat room during live shows for requests and to connect to other like minded people. You can find information on all of our up & coming radio shows & events on the shows page, and check out the roster section for daily live broadcasts.

Check out our Facebook page for the latest news & download release dates & don’t forget to add HardSoundRadio to your list of favourite websites.

Everything on HardSoundRadio is free to use & available for everyone. So if you have a more acquired taste in music & enjoy our service please help us out by spreading  the word of HSR & in return we will continue to provide you with the music that you all know & love!

HardSoundRadio HSR www.hardsoundradio (8)

* * *HSR NEWS/UPDATE * * *

***OUT NOW***

HSR:Mutated Podcast

HSR:Mutated – 03


***OUT NOW***

The playlist has just been updated with new ways of tuning in so you should have no problem listening to us no matter what device you use

 hardcore radio hardcore radio on google play hardcoreradio hard radio  core radioradio - radio tuna

So TUNE IN and enjoy!

* * *HSR NEWS/UPDATE * * *

At the moment HardSoundRadio is taking a break from putting on specialty shows but keep checking back as some of the residents have been live streaming over the past few weeks.

We still release regular podcasts so please check them out


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