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  • Acid/Hard Techno


  • Rigamortis


    Riga has been a part of HSR for a couple of years now, and is our speedcore correspondent. His legendary speedcore shows have featured some of the finest +BPM DJs you could hope to hear. A formidable producer too, with releases on GGM and CSR. Watch out for this one!

  • IEmperor


    Dave ‘Iemperor’, another one of our long standing members, is a DJ with a large background in underground music and DJ culture. His shows consist of Record Label showcases, boasting the best tracks from the best labels, with guest mixes from the best DJs. Expect anything from Frenchcore to Speedcore, Hardcore Techno to Drum & Bass. IEmperors Shows are not to be missed!

  • Calum Moore


    Calum Moore a.k.a ‘Crazy Calum’ has been immersed in the Underground scene from a young age. He made the decision to follow production as his passion in 2001 and to date has produced some of the sickest most evil kickdrums the scene has ever heard.

    Calum has also collaborated with other artists over the years and has produced under Skem Terrorists and the respected BMH Squad.

    His main love remains with Techno & Hardcore Techno but he has been known to dabble in several genres from IDM, Speedcore, breaks and many others.

    Catch Calum alongside Gnasher with their monthly radio show on HSR showcasing the biggest & the best in the UK’s new talent.

  • Gnasher


    Shaun ‘Gnasher’, is one of Scotlands very own noisemakers, having releases on Motormouth Recordz and Viral Conspiracy Records. He’s no stranger to rocking crowds. Playing at parties in all area’s of the UK and Belgium. He will now be hosting a LIVE monthly show exclusivly on HSR on the second Friday of every month showcasing some of the best in hardcore and also bringing in some guests. So make sure you check the HSR Facebook page and website for Gnasher’s “UNKOWN DEDICATION”

  • Junkie Kut

    junkie kut

    Junkie Kut is a Speedcore/ hardcore punk crossover live act from England. He has produced music for such labels as Unrepresented Music, Splatterkore Reck-ords & D-Trash. Expect his new album The Hierarchy Enslaving You (T.H.E.Y) in 2012.

  • Strobcore


    Swiss based Strobcore is a firm favourite amongst HSR regulars. His style of Hard Techno / Frenchcore crossover is brilliantly executed, enfused with his own top notch productions, some of which have been released on audiogenic. you are guaranteed a grade-A set when Igor is on the bill.

  • X-Mind

    x mind

    X-Mind started to listen to electronic music in the mid 90s and started to DJ shortly after. Has releases on labels such as Darkside Underground, N.e.Tunes Records, Antistatic and has been involved with releases on Psychik Genocide, Neurotoxic and Head Fuck Negative.

  • Martin Poison

    martin poison

    Martin Poison is resident of The Unknown Soundsystem in the UK and owner of Meathook Recordings.

    Martin plays out regular at underground parties in Bristol, London & Birmingham to name a few, he also travels out to play at Teknival in France every year. He mixes harder styles of music and he dose it well which is what won him the Oblivion DJing competition in 2009.

  • Cepo


    David ‘Cepo’, our croatian schranz maestro. Cepo has been with us for a couple of years now and is always upfront on the techno tip, combining his own productions with that of the deep croat techno scene.

  • Jamie C

    jamie c

    Jamie has been Djing for a little over 16 years now, playing through a variety of styles and genres until he found acid techno.
    Playing anywhere from private house parties, free parties and squat parties to big clubs and festivals across England and across Europe even to as far as America.
    To further his DJ career Jamie started to produce acid techno and has releases out on labels such as Stay Up Forever, Kinetec records and London 909.